Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Logical Fallacies! PIck a group's post and identify the fallacies in your response.

Notes on Logical Fallacies
Tyler Cecil, Bryce Carson, Whit la Torra, and Spencer Brown
August 31, 2011
1. That speech was good. A person who made good speeches was Hitler.
2. While Charlie Chaplin was considered a great comedian, we cannot ignore his Hitler mustache.
3. Obviously the pyramids were constructed recently! Hitler said it, so it must be true!
4. If this person makes one more veiled threat, I fear they will not last the week.
5. My opponent believes that Adolf Hitler is an important political figure.
6. Adolf Hitler was a painter before his rise to power. Therefore, I propose that we put all painters in internment camps for our protection.
7. Support me, or support Hitler.

Group: Jeff Mills, AJ Burns, Tracy Sjaardema, Melanie Palmer
1. If we don't write logical fallacies we will fail the class.
2. If we can land on the soon then we should be able to work together as a society.
3. If we all read through assigned definition hand out, we will all be able to write essays with perfection.
4. Want to know how our powers will take over the universe? Try the Dark Side Cookies.
5. Sanity is like a parachute. Just because you lost yours doesn't mean you can borrow mine.
6. Come to the Dark Side; the Light Side hates cookies.
7. So many people like crack it must be amazing.

William Rosenberger, Zack Wallace, Jerric Jaramill and James Hopper
1. "Everyone is switching to Droid phones now a day. Why are you still using that ancient Blackberry?"
2. "He did a really bad job during basketball, so please don't choose him for our baseball team."
3. "Dr. Newmark is obviously to pretty to be an experienced or competent professor"
4. "Because continuous gravitatioinal pull from the moon causes tides to go in and out, we cannot reasonably expect the stocks from Dessert Corporation to remain constant"
5. "Abraham Lincoln is not a good role model because in his earlier years he spent a lot of time in the company of a certain Adolf Hitler (citation needed)"
6. "If you don't vote for Dr. Julianne Newmark for U.S. Senate, then we might have to have a little 'talk' (if you know what I'm saying, *wink wink*)"
7. "If we in-force the death penalty, crime rates will drop."

Tim, Russel, David, and Ashlynne

1. This candidate is not fit to be president because he is married to antiamerican protester.
2. We should not trust this pothead!
3. I am Troy Polamalu, the superbowl athelete, and I use Head & Shoulders.
4. Have you seen the new Ipad, everyone has it, do you?
5. If you do not vote for Obama, you will be labeled a racist.
6. All we have done in this class is write about fallacies, this class is going to be such a breeze.
7. All I need to do is to pass this finial inorder to pass this class.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tannen and "argument culture"

Beyond military metaphors, which Tannen argues drive our "argument culture," what kinds of metaphors might we more usefully employ? What do military metaphors cause? From your perspective, is this a problem?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome to English 112, Section 06!

Hello students! I am excited to meet you next week on our first day of classes! This semester you will read various kinds of written arguments, some of which have had a significant effect on the American social climate and on American political policy over the last two hundred years. We will also find ways to consider arguments across genres -- from poetry to essay to short story to visual images to written reports. We will end the course with a reading from a famous Southwestern American literary text that we will analyze amply in class. Then, you will write a ten-page research paper that will include an original thesis statement of your own; within this paper, you will show your skill at weaving together types of argument from many different academic and public argument genres. On our way through the semester, we will read broadly and you will write various kinds of essays, from two-page responses to five-page formal thesis-driven papers. You will also have the opportunity to use this blog to comment further on our class readings. I will look forward to hearing what you have to say in class and to reading what you write here and in your formal papers. Let's have a great Fall semester!